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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

John Cooper School | The Woodlands Child Photographer

Before I tell you about my most recent project, I have to back up a bit and tell you about another project that I did for my son's school, Trinity Lutheran.  As a fundraiser for the school, his class did a project where we spelled the word FAITH with the kids making the letters of the word.  Yes, the kids lay on the floor and I took the photos of them making each letter.  Then we framed and auctioned off.  Huge success and everyone was talking about it!

Fast forward to my latest project which came about because someone saw the Trinity project.  I was asked to do the same thing for John Cooper School's second grade project.  This project was a little different though.  There were three second grade classes.  The mom coordinating this project figured out which kids  had each letter of the alphabet in his or her name.  So with each class, we went through the alphabet and made each letter with the children who had that letter in their name (for example, Abbey, Amanda, and Avery made up the letter A).  So the finished product will be the child's name spelled with letters and each letter will have that child in it.  Hard to describe and easier to show in the photos.

Here is what the finished product would look like for one of the students named Cole.  He's the little guy on the left of the "C" and you'll notice that he is in each of the letters of his name.  So cool!  I love to do projects like this because it's such a different and fun outcome!