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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Savor these days!! | Houston Spring The Woodlands Family Photographer

When you have kids, everyone tells you "they grow up so fast" and "savor this time" and "they're only little once".  While all of this is true, I also enjoy watching my kids grow and learn and discover new things!  We should capture these precious moments as often as we remember how little they are and how adorable they are!  But I also love to celebrate the fact that they can do new things every day.  It's my son's new love of words and sounding them out.  It's my daughter's discovery of her own ability to solve problems and do things on her own.  It's the everyday.  It's beautiful.

This session was beautiful too!  Mom had so many great ideas for photos and although we only got a few of them done before the sun went down, I love them just the same.