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Friday, March 8, 2013

Yousuf - Survivor!! | Magic Hour Foundation Photographer

Yousuf is 7 years old (the same age as my daughter).  
He was diagnosed at age 3 with ALL (a form of leukemia).
He is now in remission and well enough to go to school!

But he didn't go to school on Monday.

Because the Magic Hour Foundation gave him the opportunity to be matched with a local photographer (me!) to have portraits.  So we headed out to a park on a VERY, VERY, VERY windy day and got some shots of Yousuf and his family.

The strength and courage is takes to face something like this is unspeakable.  As a mother, wife, human being, you do what you have to do and hold on for dear life.

I absolutely love the last image of Yousuf jumping off of the play structure.  
To me, that's his victory dance.  Dance, Yousuf, dance!

To find out more about the Magic Hour Foundation, see their website here: