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Thursday, February 28, 2013

John Cooper School UPDATE | The Woodlands School Photographer

If you're following along, you may remember a shoot that I did for John Cooper School in The Woodlands.  I took photos of all of the kids in three second grade classes for their class project.  Each child was photographed making the letter of his or her name so that when each letter was put together to form the child's name, that child would be in each letter.  Confused?

Here is the example.  Cole is in the C, O, L, and E photos.

Since I am now a vendor for Organic Bloom frames, this one fits perfectly and looks gorgeous!  I'm so excited to share these images in these beautiful frames!  They are slightly distressed on the edges as you can see in the images below.  We chose black because the photos are all black and white but Organic Bloom has an entire array of colors to choose from.

Disregard the dust and spots you see on my kitchen cabinets!!  My house cleaner (me) is falling down on the job!!